Johann Heinrich Hübschmann (1st July 1848, Erfurt, Germany — 20 January 1908, Fribourg, Germany)
Եոհան Հայնրիխ Հիւպշման (1 յուլիս 1848, Էրֆուրթ, Գերմանիա — 20 յունուար 1908, Ֆրայպուրկ, Գերմանիա) 


German linguist, founder of Armenology in Germany.

He received his education in various German cities, specializing in Semitic and Oriental languages.  In March 1874 he went to the Venice Mkhitarist monastery, where he mastered Armenian. In 1875 he presented his dissertation at the Leipzig University, and in 1876 he was appointed professor in Iranian languages in Leipzig, and in 1877 at the Strasbourg University in comparative philology.

Since 1875 the center of his studies was the Armenian language. It was he who provided the final proof that Armenian was an independent branch of the Indo-European group of languages, and not a subsidiary dialect of the Iranian or Arian branch. This theory of his encountered passionate opposition at first, but today is part of the scientific field. It’s not surprising that he has earned the admiration of Armenians. Unfortunately, though, only the first part of his Armenian Grammar, entirely devoted to etymology, has been published. With its accurate observations and conclusions, this opus remains a fundamental guide to this day. His other works are The Topographical Names of Ancient Armenia, and many other works Das indogermanische Vocalsystem  (The Phonetic System of Indo-Germanic), Etymologie und Lautlehre der ossetischen Sprache (Ossetian Etymology and Phonetics), and Persischen Studien (Persian Studies). It most also be noted that he was H. Adjarian’s teacher.

He died and was buried in Strasbourg.

Translated by Y.K.

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